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About ATS Tonga

Air Terminal Services (Tonga) Limited, founded in 2004, is the sole licensed airport ground handler in the Kingdom of Tonga. Privately owned and operated the company prides itself on the efficient and effective arrival and dispatch of your aircraft.

About ATS TongaATS Tonga operates in all the airports of Tonga, both International and Domestic.

ATS Tonga directly provides full passenger services, full baggage and cargo handling services, full load control and dispatch services, and full ramp handling services for both scheduled and non-scheduled carriers.

ATS Tonga facilitates full border control requirements, all airport landing and parking charges, fuel supply and all other facilitation required by scheduled and non-scheduled carriers. These services are also offered to corporate, VIP, military and government aircraft.

About ATS TongaWe invite you to make ATS Tonga your "one stop shop" to support your trans-Pacific flights. Tonga is conveniently located 2,000 kilometres from Auckland, 3,500 kilometres from Sydney, 5,000 kilometres from Honolulu, 1,700 kilometres from Papeete, and offers an authentic Polynesian experience in a South Pacific kingdom of three different island groups.

ATS Tonga is your trusted agent to handle all aspects of your flights into, out of and within the Kingdom. This trust includes the collection and provision of air traffic reports to the Government of Tonga.

The Kingdom of Tonga is becoming a trusted Trans-Pacific stop for private, corporate and government clients, and we encourage you to make contact with us so that we can assist with your needs.



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